Yesterday YourGuyForThat.com saw tremendous support for protecting home ownership in East Point. (Please see yesterday’s post). Unfortunately simply staying informed and making a few comments via email back to me or supporting comments on Facebook is not enough.  Below is a follow-up message from CM Rhodes with the Top-10 ways you can start taking action today…

There is no greater freedom than the ability to express your support and or your disapproval of your elected officials. Seize this moment to mobilize and express your views on our city government. The time has passed for casual conversation about disapproval of the elected officials in East Point. It is now time to take action. Let us know what you want to see in YOUR government. It will be time consuming and there will be some work involved, but today is the day.

This is your city, it is your future and it is your government. State your demand.

Some ideas:

1. Start a committee for responsible government. It is not necessary to raise funds or to march in the streets. Simply organize. Write emails, make phone calls, come to Council Meetings and sign petitions. All of this can be done without raising funds. Focus on Council conduct and not issues. Political issues can be divisive and cause division. However, mandating proper conduct can be a strong source of agreement even when political views may vary.

2. Write letters to the Governor/ Attorney General/State Representatives expressing your concern about our elected officials ignoring the City Charter. It may seem fruitless, but it will have an impact. For example, out state legislators will not act without a majority vote of Council. In this case, it is the majority of council that is ignoring our City Charter. Of course, they will not vote to request assistance from our state officials. However, you have your own voice. Make them listen to you.

3. Attend and speak at Council Meetings. If you are not comfortable speaking in public, ask someone to assist you in writing your comments. You are not required to speak for three minutes. You can give your time to someone else or you can simply make a single sentence statement. This can be difficult as the Mayor allows her supporters to disrupt the meetings by speaking out during the meetings. There have been some people who will not attend another meeting because of the rude behavior of the Mayor’s supporters. I know it is difficult, but if you can gather the strength, there is a chance for change. You can speak at Council Meetings every first and third Monday. Plan to arrive by 6:10 PM to complete a form to turn in to the clerk for public speaking.

4. Organize a demonstration. It is not required to spend several hours marching in the streets. You can march for 30 minutes. You can attend a Council Meeting and hold signs.

5. I believe more than adequate improper actions of Council exist that if an attorney were involved, you could file a class action law suit. There may even be enough charges to qualify for a recall of elected officials.

6. East Point has an Ethics Board. While the council may not be able to act if the majority of Council are involved in unethical conduct, simply having an authority to address the improper conduct could be used to build a case for a class action law suit.

7. Host a BYOB party. Invite people to come to the party and sign a petition making demands of the Mayor and Council Council. In fact, I belive a few Council Members may be willing to attend the party. It does not need to be a long meeting. Just a party with a petition.

8. Start On-Line petitions. Organize door to door visits with a petition from the voters who participated in the last couple of elections.

9. Email and call Mayor Pittman and her voting block. Many of you will not receive return calls or emails. That is fine. It is still important to have your voice heard. Your elected officials may not respond to your voice but NO ONE can make you be silent. Ring the bells of descension. Let liberty ring.

Get City Council Member Email Addesses & Phone Numbers Here!!!

10. Continue to communicate with your elected official. I can not stress enough how important it is for me to hear from you. While I am a Ward B Council Person, my vote does represent the entire city. I have received calls from across this city from every ward and I am committed to continue responding. I will have mailed out 1100 letters by end of day on Monday to religious institutions and senior citizens informing them of pending legislation from Mayor Pittman and her voting block. I will continue to work diligently to respond to your emails and phone calls within 24 hours. I am sure all of my actions will not meet with your approval, but your voice will be heard and received by me. I am in YOUR service.



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