Blog Update

As 2014 begins, two new blogs begin at the same time. Well, it’s really one “NEW” blog and one re-tooled blog.

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself working on a project around the house thinking, “This would be a great blog post”. I’d already been working on a completely new blog and didn’t want to take away from it to start two new blogs at the same time. Then I realized that this site has a long, rich history but has sat dormant for nearly two years. I simply archived the content, made a few cosmetic changes and here we have it… a re-tooled blog, ready to go. I plan to write about cooking, gardening, home repair and cool technology and gadgets for your house.

In early 2012 all the content from the old blog was moved to a new site on a new server and continued to serve as a Real Estate blog through October 2013. In October I tool a look at that blog and felt as if it had lost its focus. The site template was no longer performing well so it was time for another re-launch. The new site template is beautiful & state of the art. Best of all it has a very clear focus, something I’m very passionate about… urban living and transit. The core site is 90% complete and finalizing photo rights.

I hope that you enjoy one, or both of these blogs in 2014. I’m committed to contributing to them both. Until the photo rights are approved I’ll have to keep the new site a secret, at least for now. I can’t wait to bring it to you in the very near feature.